LeTip of Par-Troy FAQ

Question: How many meetings do I attend before I can join?
Each guest is required to attend two (2) consecutive meetings before an application can be accepted. An inspection of an applicant's place of business is a requirement of acceptance.


Q: How many votes are required for acceptance into the Chapter?
It depends on the Chapter's size. If the Chapter contains fewer than thirty (30) members, then a minimum of three (3) "NO" votes can permit the Chapter to deny membership. If there are more than thirty (30) members, then a minimum of 10% of the membership (tallied from the beginning of the quarter) voting "NO" is required to permit the Chapter to deny membership.

Q: How much does it cost to join a LeTip Chapter?
The initial membership fee is established by LeTip International, Inc., and is separate from your local Chapter's dues which are based on its individual operational costs. Any additional questions should be directed to your local Membership Chairperson.

Q: Who pays for the guest's breakfast?
The Chapter will pay for the first one and the guest pays for their second visit.

Q: Once a member of LeTip, am I confined to conducting business only with other LeTip members?
Your fellow LeTip members are your business' best references, as you are theirs. Member's LOYALTY to each other explains why the best of LeTip chapters are so overwhelmingly successful and continue to grow every year. Support your SALES FORCE and they will support you.

Q: How long do I have to do my commercial?
At each meeting every member receives 30 seconds to pass tips, pay fines, and do their commercial. Begin by informing fellow members - "This is the way you can best tip me". Make it count.

Q: Can someone attend meetings in my place?
Only as specified by LeTip International, an alternate may attend six (6) times per year, and never more than two (2) consecutive meetings. That person must be a qualified substitute, not a secretary.


Q: After I join LeTip of Par-Troy, what other rules should I be aware of?

A: We follow the bylaws set forth by LeTip International. A summary of the most important issues are as follows:




  • This is the most important issue!  If you are not at the meetings, we cannot get to know you and tip you. You are only hurting yourself by missing meetings.
  • Failure to attend a meeting (excused or otherwise) you are STILL responsible for that days breakfast, tip and anything else that may be happening that day (Fiver Day, Visitation etc..). 
  • You are permitted 6 alternates per year; please bring any special needs or concerns to the boards attention if you need more days per year. 
  • You are required to notify the Vice President no later then 24 hours prior to the meeting if you are not attending, failure to do so will result in a $5 fine for an unexcused absence. If you are scheduled to speak, greet or showboat that day you will be fined additional.
  • You will be fined $1 for arriving late to a meeting. An additional $5 if you are the Greeter, Speaker or Showboater.



Greeting, Speaking, Showboating


  • The program director establishes a rotating schedule for Greeting, Speaking, and Showboating.
  • The Greeter shows up at 6:45 AM to set up the meeting room (Flag, Tip forms, Guest Register, etc.) and greet all members and guests in a professional matter. 
  • The Speaker will be given 10 minutes to speak about his/her business and answer questions from the members.
  • The Showboater is given an opportunity to display brochures and other promotional material pertaining to their business on a separate table at the entrance of the meeting room.
  • It is your responsibility to know when your dates are and to find a replacement and notify the program director if you cannot make your scheduled dates and times.
  • There will be a $10 fine for failure to find a replacement, or if your replacement fails to greet, showboat, or speak on your behalf.




  • We only pass Qualified Business Leads to each other; which means that the "lead" is Expecting a Call from a LeTip member. 
  • You are required to pass Four Qualified Tips per Month
  • Top Tippers of the month will be recognized by receiving the TOP TIPPER of the month bar for their badge.



Quarterly Dues


  • Our Quarterly Dues are currently $117.00
  • You are not being charged to attend the meetings; you are helping pay the bill for the breakfast and room charges. 
  • The quarterly breakfast dues are to be given to the treasurer on or before the first meeting of the quarter.
  • You will be given a 15 Day Grace Period, after which there will be a $10 fine for each week the dues are late.
  • If you are on a company paid membership it is still your responsibility to get the dues paid on time and late fees will NOT be waived.
  • Dues are non refundable.




  • The visitation chairperson will assign you a person to visit as well as who is going to visit you on or before the last meeting of every month. 
  • You will have a minimum of one month to complete your assigned visitation. 
  • You will be required to report on what you learned in lieu of your 30 second commercial on the last meeting of the month. 
  • If you do not do your visitation you will be fined by not being allowed to give your 30 second commercial and you will have to pay the person you did not visit $5 for their loss in commercial. 
  • If you are absent (excused or otherwise) on visitation report day you will give your report on the following meeting and not give your own commercial.



Fiver Day


  • This is an essential tool to help grow our group, and to help grow our businesses. 
  • You are required to bring a guest on the designated meeting day.
  • Failure to bring a guest on that day will result in a $5 fine.
  • If you bring a guest, then you will be rewarded $5.


Leave of Absence


  • You are entitled to a One Month leave if needed.
  • You MUST submit your leave request to the board prior to the first missed meeting. We understand that sometimes emergencies make that impossible.  Please make every effort to at least call a member of the board so we understand the situation. 
  • If you require a longer leave, you must submit the request in writing to the board prior to the scheduled date of your return and state your case. Taking your membership into consideration, the board will vote on to either; Extend your leave  /  Deny your leave  / Terminate your membership.




  • Our fines are not meant to punish, but to remind each member of his or her responsibilities and to help generate funds for events and items to help us grow our group.
  • The fines are your way of contributing to this non-profit group in a monetary manner. 
  • The monies are used for things including but not limited to:
    • Maintaining the chapter's web site.
    • Producing the chapter's membership brochure.
    • Advertising and other recruiting events.
    • Permitting guests (qualified, open category prospective members) to attend our events for free.


Member Conduct 


Please keep in mind we are all here for the same reason To Help Grow our Business!  Please...


  • Do not speak while someone else is speaking or shout out.
  • Do not leave handouts from other members on the table. These items cost money and are given to you for a reason, to help you understand and tip. It is a lack of respect by just leaving these items on the table for the wait staff to throw away.
  • Do not speak in your industry lingo. Not everyone knows what you are talking about. Speak to the group in terms they all can understand without having to feel embarrassed by asking questions.
  • Do not bring up problems, issues or concerns during regular meetings. Bring up issues at a board meeting or submit to the board in writing to address.
  • Do turn off the sound on all pagers and cell phones.
  • Do wear your badge each week, new members and guests cannot help bring you business if they do not know who you are.